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Austria is an ideal Location

Austria is located in the heart of Europe, a perfect location to implement and maintain business relationships. With a high standard of life, strong social security and low levels of crime, Austria is an excellent choice. Stability and risk minimization is crucial; it leads to success.


Essential to building mutual trust for the future.


Knowledge and experience are valuable assets.


Freedom of choice and freedom to act.

AES Consulting: what we do

Real Estate

We will make your life more comfortable.

Immigrational Services

We have very detailed approach towards bank selection and deliberately guide you throuh the entire KYC-process while account opening.

Lifestyle Management

We will make your life more comfortable.

Financial Services

With us you will save your time and money.

Medical Services

We will find right treatment for you


We ARE fast and efficcient

By working with us, you will save both time and money.

We are future-oriented AND HAVE A LONG-TERM VISION

By creating custom solutions for each of our clients, we build a strong foundation for cooperation in the years ahead.

We value the individuality OF OUR CLIENTS

Our safe, efficient, convenient and cost-effective solutions are delivered according to your individual needs and preferences.

We have competitive rates

Providing fair and competitive rates for our services is a company policy.

We are well-connected

With specialists in every area, who possess significant international experience, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions due to our myriad connections.

Have questions? Call us!

Phone: +43 1 2058399


Taubstummengasse 13/7
1040 Wien | Österreich


AES Consulting: We offer our private and institutional clients individually customized services