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Who we are and what can we offer?

We provide a wide range of services along with individual solutions such as asset management, company formation, family trusts, heritage, tax optimization, bank planning/selection, support with account openings and KYC-processes, all organizational issues connected with property search and title, legal support throughout real estate purchase/sales process, in addition to property management. We also provide legal support with local authorities in matters concerning obtaining residence in Austria. We have access to options for diversification, often a great advantage for our clients. We value discretion and guarantee absolute confidentiality for our clients. In summary, we are an independent company that is a trusted resource for our clients, offering comprehensive and personalized solutions covering all areas of their lives.


"Finances" 13 years of experience
"Medicine in Austria" 12 years of experience
"Lifestyle Management" 14 years of experience
"Real Estate" 12 years of experience
"Immigration Services" 14 years of experience


We are all individuals with specific needs and preferences. We provide the solutions that work for who you are and the way you live your life.

Chinara Tuganbayeva

AES Consulting FOUNDER
man and woman working on their computers.